1. Acorns

From the album 2016 "Bound, Chained, Fettered".
TLH - vocals, 12 string guitar
Antonio Gramentieri - electric guitars, lap steel.
Franco Neddei - synth
Christian Ravaglioli - Wurlitzer



Kissing in mind, maybe more
but this ragged breath I draw is a truth I can't ignore
scared to have to wait, scared to want more
scared to trust the fates that brought her to my door

I could just get up, could just walk away
shouldn't really matter it's been raining all day
shouldn't really care what went on last night
hangs in the air here now ready to bite
somethings gone wrong, got no answers anyway
I'm not exactly a basket case but today's a good day

I know she's a mind reader, she thinks I'm a clown
I know what makes her happy, she knows how to bring me down
we both know how to push hard and do all night and day
we're two of a kind and can't seem to change

Acorns, acorns

She said our luck had run out, maybe even past time
an accident of passion but that it wasn't a crime
she took my pictures off the wall, my name off the door
love letters sent, I found them tattered and torn
now I don't know where to put things
I don't know what to watch out for
I don't know when to hang up
forgot what all of these keys are for

Said she'd love me more in the leaving
and so does a runner in the middle of April
now I wonder what were all those words were for
and why all of them so hateful

Acorn, acorns, acorns