1. Reminiscent



Just another passenger, out here on the road
I paid the full fare and for the jug I drink alone
I take care of my own self
Don’t want to worry about you
That’s just the way I like it
Suggest you learn the same thing too
I’m just another rider, moving down the line
Anticipate no problems
Except the who I’m trying to find

Tampa to St. Petersburg, Tallahassee hadn’t changed
Mobile to Atlanta but I could not stand the rain
I-10 I see is still full of a whole lot of hurt
Sure enough going to teach you some of life’s long, long words
Yes we got a situation
Why I did it in the first place, why I ever came back at all
Tracking down some memory now
For a reason I cannot clearly recall

Chorus: I just don’t know why
Was a ravel of a scent
Not enough to go by
But just reminiscent

Ride the old Dog is steady
It'll get you there but slow
With time enough to get acquainted
With the lonely in your bones
But air tickets cost a fortune if you can’t afford to go
And all my friends are tapped out
Called everyone I know
But the meter’s jumping lately all the way at the right
Makes you want to holler hide everything you own out of sight
And just be gone

Weather turned to freezing
It can settle in your chest
Galveston’s been calling
Port Bolivar express
I miss my calling
Messes with my mind
Baby where did you go now?
Why you so damn hard to find?

(D G D G A# D)