1. Three Days


Three Days

Lonesome like a train
Been off all alone
Coming back around
But wound down slow
Aching in its heart
Whining overload
But she’s just a train and
What’s a train know?

Lonesome like the wind
That blows through the pines
Don’t matter where it goes
Not even trying
Cold as ice
Cuts me to the bone
But she’s just the wind and it’s how she blows

Lonesome like the bird
That cries through the night
It’s the midnight service
Sends shivers up my spine
I wish she could
I wish I might
But she’s just a bird
And she likes to cry

I hear them calling
They speak my name
And now I’m falling
Three long days

Lonesome like the call
That goes down the line
Nobody’s home
And she wasn’t lying
Let it ring once
Let it ring twice
Don’t matter
Let it ring all night

Lonesome like a train
Lonesome like the wind
Lonesome like a bird
Lonesome is what if


Tuning: D A D G A#D capo 2