1. 01 Oh Life

TLH - vocals, guitar
Žiga Golob - contrabass
Catherine Graindorge - violins


Oh Life

Oh life, just let it
Oh life, you will get it
A hardship handle
To carry that weight
A habit the worry
Cradle to grave
A good place to stop now
Remember why you came
Why you came

Oh life, just live it
Oh life, you can get it
Change hard to follow
Skinny in the wind
But most always homeward
And have ever been
With pleasure still to pry up
If you find the place
Find the place

Oh life, not regret it
Hold tight, just let it
Dreams from the North now
Silence and space
Fair weather promised
Not breaking away
So, this now to follow
You can trust the way
Trust the way

B♭ G B♭ G B♭ E♭ capo 1